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My Love/Hate Relationship With affiliate marketing companies

As a new blogger, there is a lot I don’t know. I could fill up a house with the amount of things I am clueless about regarding blogging.  I naively thought the hard part was writing. Haha! Between researching, social media, marketing, keyword optimization, visual graphics, and technical skills, I have a deep and tremendous respect for the intricacy of blogging and for those who stick with it.

Unlike popular belief, all bloggers do not make money. It takes a ton of time and effort to become a successful blogger. However, one thing I knew a little bit about was affiliate marketing. Having relationships with affiliate marketing companies is something many bloggers do. It allows them to get a commission on the products that they endorse without any extra cost to the costumer.

Truthfully, it wasn’t something I really wanted to do at first.  Then I looked around my home and realized that several of my favorite purchases are due to reading about it from various bloggers. I decided to be an amazon affiliate marketer because I am under no obligation, and I only mention products I personally use or would use myself. However, the idea of advertising for other companies seemed wrong to me. I am a writer, not an advertiser.

Until now, I have not had much interest in affiliate marketing companies.

I have received several emails and DMs from companies asking me about affiliate marketing. Clothing companies, engraving companies, one person that had some random items he wanted me to try out and blog about…?

Having a relationship with affiliate marketing companies is a lot like finding the right relationship partner. If it doesn’t quite fit, it probably isn’t going to work. I would not promote anything to my readers unless I believe in it. Period. Call me naïve or a terrible business person, but that’s not why I write.

Unfortunately, just as I had a hard time explaining to the 54 year old man in Africa that nothing was going to happen via online dating, many of these companies didn’t want to take no for an answer. Whether it’s online dating or being asked to promote a shoe company, there is just no nice way of saying you’re not interested.

When I got a DM from a woman saying that she loved my writing and asking if I was interested in hearing about a product, I was already debating whether to ignore it or prepare to get insulted when I said it wasn’t for me. However, she caught my attention when she said that this was her daughter’s product and that it was in regard to anxiety.

Now I know you may not know this, but I have a slight interest in advocating awareness about anxiety.

Okay, I see your mouths dropping; perhaps it is more than a slight interest. As an anxiety sufferer, and as a mother to a child who has bouts of anxiety, I feel awareness about it is crucial.

Therefore, I figured I had nothing to lose by getting some information about it. The truth is, she had me as soon as she said, “My then 10-year-old daughter has anxiety and wanted to help others.” My hesitation about affiliate marketing with a company went out the window as I heard about what this girl is trying to accomplish. Hook, line, sinker. I get to spread awareness about anxiety and promote a product to alleviate it, while supporting this amazing girl? That’s something I will proudly stand behind.

Affiliate Marketing with SUNCards- a great product to help battle anxiety

Without further ado, I am excited to introduce you all to SUNCards! 

SUNCards are a deck of cards developed by a girl named Eva. She started struggled with anxiety when she was 8 years old. When she was 10, Eva worked on a school project called Children Helping Our World. It tasked them to create a nonprofit that could be led by kids that would improve the world. Her parents encouraged her to think about her own life experiences to come up with an idea for the project. Her idea was to help other kids who are nervous and scared by teaching them tips and tricks to help them get through tough situations. That’s when SUNCards was born.

SUNCards uses evidence-based strategies like cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and random acts of kindness to help kids manage their anxiety. Even though this product is directed towards children, adults will also be able to appreciate and use them as well. The cards say they are useful for anyone ages 4-104.

SUNCards is the 2020 NATIONAL parenting project award winner. Each deck comes with 50 cards. There is a lovable monster on each card, and the cards contain three different styles:

Sunshine Cards 

There are 20 total sunshine cards which have positive sayings and confidence building affirmations.

Action Cards 

There are 28 action cards which have helpful techniques to help kids manage their anxiety and/or refocus on something positive instead of their anxiety, worry or trouble.

Spread the Sunshine Cards 

There are two in each deck and are intended to help you with random acts of kindness.

How to use SUNCards


If you are feeling anxious, you select an Action Card and use the technique. There are many different types of actions the cards tell you to take, such as “Relax and take 10 deep breaths. Deep breaths calm you down,” “Find distractions to take your mind off of your worry. Play a game, read a book, find a friend,” and “When things get overwhelming, take a moment for yourself. Put everything else aside and focus on what makes you happy,” among many others. You may find that multiple cards will be the way to relieve your anxiety. Also, depending on the circumstances, what works for you in one situation may not be what works best in another. 

affiliate marketing company action card

In order to increase the effectiveness of the cards, it is suggested that you use these cards to practice coping skills when you are not feeling anxious.

Select an action card and practice the technique. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the cards and also help you to determine which cards will work best for you. Learning new tools is a process of trial and error, and practicing will allow more awareness and capability to calm yourself.

Once you are calm, select a Sunshine Card to give yourself a boost of confidence for a job well done. You can also use them any time you are feeling down and are seeking positive affirmations. Some of my favorite Sunshine Cards are: “Being scared is not a bad thing. It just means that you are about to do something super brave,” “Your anxiety doesn’t define you. Be the person you are meant to be and happiness will find you,” “If you fall back one day or your path gets blocked, you will not be stuck forever. Keep moving forward,“ and “It’s OK to not be OK. Just know that it will get better.” 

sunshine card

What truly warmed my heart is that Eva has partnered with a few non-profits and instituted a “get a deck, give a deck” program where for every deck purchased, another one is donated to a non-profit to help kids. In August of last year, she was able to donate over 1400 decks to non-profit organizations.

Not only are the cards useful for your children, but you can feel good knowing that by purchasing a deck you are allowing a child to receive a deck who couldn’t afford to have them otherwise. All children deserve tools and support to alleviate anxiety, and Eva is helping that happen.


I used these cards with my daughter to see how they work firsthand. The other day she came to me scared and anxious that she lost costume jewelry I had given her. 

It had belonged to my grandmother, so she was very anxious that it was “gone forever”.

There are many techniques I normally use with her when my daughter is feeling anxious, but this time I pulled out the SUNCards. She selected several action cards and implemented the different techniques. In this particular situation, the technique that worked best for her was the action card to replace her thought with another thought, which helped change her feelings. The card looks like this:

change thoughts to feelings

When I asked her how she could change her way of thinking about losing the jewelry, she paused for a few moments, and then said, “It is somewhere in the house. It will turn up.” Once she changed her thoughts, she felt reassured and started smiling.

Best of all, she changed her perspective about it on her own.

That gave her a huge sense of accomplishment. We then did a breathing exercise suggested on another action card.

deep breathing

When she felt better I had her select a Sunshine Card. She beamed when she read the one that said that nobody in the world is like her.  Instead of a snowball effect of worry and panic, these cards brought her empowerment and comfort.

affiliate marketing company positive affirmation

Although these cards and no techniques are a replacement for professional treatment, this deck is helpful for kids of all ages. They are small enough to be portable, so kids can take them with them and pull them out anytime. I like to think of them as a portable anxiety security blanket. They are easy to use, have great suggestions, and teach self-awareness and acceptance. I highly recommend them, and I think they are useful no matter the level of anxiety.

If you would like to purchase a deck of cards, click on the picture below:

suncards link

I can’t wait for your kids to try SUNCards!


This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase a product via my link I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. Please visit our disclaimers here

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