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I’m Randi, a native New-Yorker, Stay-at-Home-Mom, homeschool teacher, freelance writer, and the creator of Surviving Mom Blog (try saying that quickly three times).

I currently live in Atlanta with my husband, rambunctious 8-year old daughter, 2 cats, and a very hyper dog. Our house is anything but boring, and I’m just trying to stay sane amidst the endless chaos.

When I’m not writing, you can find me chasing after my energizer bunny daughter, reading anything psychological thriller, and sneaking morsels (okay, globs) of chocolate.

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motherhood is messy

Let’s be honest. Motherhood is messy. 

You know those images of perfectly dressed families, not a hair out of place, smiling their pearly whites? I often stare at those images while in my oversized sweatshirt, stretchy pants, (Jeans? What are those?) and hair thrown into a ponytail.

Motherhood is often those moments where you look around in disbelief and wonder WTF?! Those times happen so much more than the magazine worthy moments. They are hectic and test your sanity. These moments are unfiltered, may involve some sort of bodily fluid, and are REAL. Those are the moments where I think back and snicker (sometimes). Those series of moments define what it is to be a parent. Indeed, motherhood is messy.

So here are some of the cringeworthy moments I’ve experienced during the messiness of motherhood. Some will make you laugh, some will make you shake your head, and some may make you turn green. I know you’ve had some of these moments too.



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tips and strategies to reduce anxiety naturally

Tips and Strategies to Reduce Anxiety Naturally in Children and Adults

After going into great detail about everything anxiety, it is time to provide ways of managing it!
So in true Surviving Mom Blog fashion, I have come up with a comprehensive list of every which way you can naturally reduce anxiety in both children and adults. (Don’t ask me how long it took me to come up with this list – better you don’t know ;-)).
Also, I have so many strategies to share with you that I had to break it into TWO articles as to not overwhelm you.
Read and start managing your anxiety! Please don’t forget to share these tools with others!

understanding anxiety in children and adults

Understanding Anxiety in Children and Adults and Its Various Symptoms

We have all experienced the feeling of anxiousness. However, when does anxiety become a concern? The purpose of this article is to give a fuller understanding of anxiety in children and adults. It is important to clarify the symptoms of anxiety and recognize when anxiety is more than just a normal part of life. Worrying and anxiety are often used interchangeably, but they are different. Worrying is usually more specific (e.g., worrying about getting a good grade on a test), and it often leads to problem solving (e.g., studying). Alternatively, anxiety is more of a general state of being (e.g., I feel anxious because my best isn’t good enough) that triggers a snowball effect.

secrets to a long and happy marriage

Want a Long and Happy Marriage? Here are 8 Tips and Secrets for Lasting Love

Learning to blend two very different people together is no easy task. In fact, the things I love most about Matt are also the things that drive me absolutely crazy (and vice versa). At the beginning, everything is new and exciting, and it is easy to overlook things. Once the honeymoon phase ends and life sifts in, it is a whole new ballgame. Juggling life’s responsibilities, raising a child, and encountering hardships can often tear people apart.
There are many things I wish I knew at the beginning of our marriage that could have saved us both a lot of anger, tears, and heartache. Here are some words of advice for a long and happy marriage:

the 4 pillars of 

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my love story – how i met my husband and our dating journey

“Our wedding was very symbolic of marriage. Whatever your dreams of marriage might be, life will inevitably get in the way. I learned that although our love story is beautiful, what makes our love memorable is that we navigate life’s roadblocks together. It still amazes me that somehow, against all odds, a guy I never would have met under any normal circumstances became the man I now call my husband.   That’s the beauty of life. It may throw curveballs (as well as mono and rainstorms) at you, but sometimes it also throws you a home run.”

6 strategies and tips for parenting a special needs child

6 strategies to parent my special needs child

“My daughter was diagnosed by an Occupational Therapist with SPD, and two years later she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), executive functioning issues, poor working memory, and auditory processing issues. I went from being in denial that there was anything wrong, to demanding an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) be made for my child. I learned some valuable lessons along the way, and my hope is that I can make the road less bumpy for others.”

mental health/wellness
my story of how i broke the cycle of codependency

Codependency is a huge buzzword.  Everywhere you turn there are people preaching about overcoming codependent relationships. I agree that codependency isn’t healthy; I also understand why it is so easy to fall into that cycle, and why it is so difficult to overcome. My value as a person was completely defined by the well-being of those I loved.  I thought it was my role as a wife and mother to completely devote myself and my happiness to them.”


“Emotional and psychological abuse leave scars that only their victims can see. They are there nonetheless. I hope reading my story will encourage you to reach out and tell someone yours. With advocacy and awareness, we can give a voice to those invisible scars. We don’t get to rewrite our past, but we get to decide our present and future.”

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