motherhood is a beautiful mess

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Motherhood is finally locating your kid’s shoe and getting everyone into the car, only to realize you didn’t take your wallet.


Motherhood is trying to convince your child that they don’t need every toy in the store, and the mannequins are not for touching.


Motherhood is playing the same Disney song for the 10,000th time and resisting the urge to cover your ears.


Motherhood is yearning to use the bathroom without an audience.


Motherhood is your child getting into your makeup and dropping eyeshadow all over the bathroom floor.

Motherhood is tears, tantrums, pandemonium, and lots of cleaning.


Motherhood is eye rolling, door slamming, and muttering under their breaths.


Motherhood is testing your patience and possibly your sanity.


Motherhood is exhaustion, upheaval, and unpredictability.

Motherhood is feeling endless guilt and second guessing your decisions.


Motherhood is worrying about your kids, no matter their age.


Motherhood is challenging, frustrating, and full of hurdles.


Motherhood is putting one foot in front of the other and falling several times along the way.


Motherhood is bracing yourself for the bumps and savoring the peaks.


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filled with laughter, tenderness, and love.


Motherhood is trying to embrace the chaos and cherishing the little things that bring joy.

Motherhood is a beautiful mess, and it is the ride of my life.


I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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