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I want to send a warm welcome to new readers of my blog and say hello to old friends! The posts that I write are often serious in nature, but this is a different type of post. I wrote some things about myself when I first started this blog, and I wanted to take the opportunity to re-introduce myself again and tell you some fun facts about me:



(1) I love animals

I have two cats and one very hyper dog #iliveinazoo. My husband and I got our first cat and our dog from a shelter. Our other cat, Willow, actually popped out of the bushes and came over to us when we were outside. She was more interested in getting attention from us than getting food. She also had no street smarts, and she would wander into the street and lick herself. I knew that this was a cat that would not survive outside.  We took her in, and she is complete lap cat.

My daughter has had the privilege of growing up with animals her entire life. She tells people she has two sister cats and one sister dog. ?

(2) I am an introvert

Most people would not think that about me, as I come across outgoing and energetic. The truth is that I have a lot of social anxiety (I have generalized anxiety too). I prefer talking 1 on 1 with people rather than in groups, and after social events I am always drained.

(3) I am an INFJ in the Myers Briggs Personality Test

A fun fact about me- I have the rarest personality type in the world. Only 1-3% of the population have this personality. I was honored when I found out I share this personality type with Martin Luther King Junior! If you’ve never heard of Myers Briggs, the “I” stands for introvert, the “N” stands for intuitive, the “F” stands for feeling, and the “J” stands for judging. This type of personality is labeled the “advocate.” INFJs are very empathetic and sensitive, but always strive to do the right thing and will speak up and try to help others and make a difference. If you haven’t taken the test, you can go online and take it for free:

(4) I never thought in a million years that I would start a blog

Writing has always been an outlet for me, but it was something I did privately. It didn’t occur to me to share it with others. In fact, I am a very private person in nature.

I have been a Stay-At-Home Mom ever since my daughter was born. I feel very blessed and grateful that I’ve had this time with her, but somewhere along the line I forgot who I was besides being a wife and mother. As a result, I wanted to have something that I did which was separate from those two roles. 

As I wrote about in my post about why I started blogging ,I decided to reach out to foundations for child abuse survivors and use my love of writing to try and help others. What started out as writing for monthly newsletters soon turned into my blog. I realized I had a story to share, and I wanted to use my writing to provide support to others.

(5) I am terrible with technology, which poses a big problem when you are writing a blog

My husband had to create all of my social media accounts (partly out of kindness and partly because he didn’t want me spending endless hours screaming at the computer). Thanks to my tech savvy husband, I have a Facebook group (Surviving Mom Blog: Motherhood, Relationships, Wellness & Self Care Support), a Facebook page (@Survivmomblog), an Instagram account (@survivingmomblog), a Pinterest account (@Survivmomblog), and a Twitter account (@survivmomblog).  #whereistheonbutton?

(6) I love to play strategy games

7 Wonders is my favorite. When my husband and I lived in Brooklyn, my dad would come over, and we’d play it for hours. We loved it so much that my daughter’s first phrase was “pick card.” You read that right, folks.  #iamnotobsessedyoureobsessed.

(7) I never drank coffee until I had my daughter

No joke. I obtained my almost 4.0 GPA in college and in graduate school without any coffee, but once I had my daughter, I needed every energy source available to keep up with her.  #coffeeisstillisnotenough 

(8) I can’t sleep at night without a sound soother

I never grew up with one, but my husband uses it to sleep. Very soon I grew accustomed to it. When guests sleep here overnight, they have the privilege of hearing loud rain via my sound soother. My daughter has one that plays the sound of rain as well. When people sleep over our house, it sounds like they are sleeping in a giant waterfall.

(9) I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

My only craving during pregnancy was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. As a result, I ate them daily when I was pregnant with my daughter. Even now, it is my go-to sandwich when I’m in a rush. Don’t judge.

(10) When I was in third grade, I started a petition at my school because I felt we were overpaying for the pizza we got on Fridays

We payed full price, but our slices were half the size of normal pizza slices. I felt this was an injustice (cue INFJ personality type), so I went around to all the kids (which terrified me) and asked them to sign my petition for increasing the size of pizza slices. I then presented my petition to the PTA. Unfortunately, nothing came from it besides having the President of the Parent Teachers Association put me on her watch list.

I hope you enjoyed reading a lighter post and learning some fun facts about me. As always, feel free to reach out anytime to let me know some things about you!

Sending hugs,




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3 thoughts on “10 Fun Facts About Me That You Probably Don’t Know

  1. It’s nice to finally see your face Randi. It’s hard to Eli even you’re an introvert. I’m jealous that you have a tech husband because mine needs help with anything computer related. Keep up the great work. You seem like a ball of energy to us onlookers.

    • My face is on the home page and about page, but that girl on the cover of the post isn’t me 🙂 Being an introvert is something nobody would suspect, as I do come across as a ball of energy 😉 Thank you so much!

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