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Self-Love Workbook

Not to toot my own horn, but this self-love workbook is AMAZING!

It contains journal prompts, positive affirmations, tools for setting boundaries, emotional check-ins, and everything you need to practice self love daily. 

It works best if used in conjunction with Why is Self-Love Important for Your Mental and Emotional Wellness? and How Do You Learn to Love Yourself?

One of the lessons I learned this year was a reminder to never take self-love and self-care for granted. Whether you are new to practicing self love or are a confidence guru, we all can use support on our self-love journey.

I am using this workbook along with my self-care printables, and it is incredibly helpful! I know it will be helpful for you too!

To pin, click on the upper left hand corner of each image.

To download a full pdf version of the self-love workbook, CLICK HERE.  


my self love worksheet bundle



self love - being my own friend



self love - positive affirmation checklist



setting boundaries



emotional daily checkin



self love/self care


Don’t forget to share the workbook with others!  As always, email me with any questions, feedback, or just to say hi!




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